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The Directors of Public Health Nursing (DPHNs) from California county and city health departments, also known as local health jurisdictions (LHJs), have been meeting since 1952. Initially, these meetings were financed by the State Health Department – and jointly planned by the State Bureau of Public Health Nursing and the local DPHNs. The meetings originally focused on public health nursing administration issues.

In 1962, the California Conference of Local Health Officers (CCLHO) passed a resolution to create statewide affiliates among the LHJs administrative personnel. The existing nursing directors group proposed a structure that is today the Directors of Public Health Nursing (DPHN), formerly known as the California Conference of Local Health Departments Nursing Director’s (CCLHDND).

With the elimination of the State Bureau of Public Health Nursing in the early 1970’s, DPHN established membership dues and sought financing through other mechanisms to continue the effort of advocating for, and advancing public health nursing practice, in the state of California.


Healthy people in healthy communities through excellence in Public Health Nursing.


To advance the practice of public health through innovative and effective public health nursing leadership. 

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Culture of Health In Nursing 

A culture of health is both an aspirational concept and guiding framework. The concept recognizes that health is shaped by community conditions in which we live, learn, work, and play. It also acknowledges that health inequities are inextricably linked to social, economic, and environmental obstacles to health (e.g., discrimination and poverty); and that health improvement requires multi-sector partnerships to increase opportunities for everyone to thrive (e.g., access to good jobs, homes and schools). Embedding this concept and framework in professional preparation programs benefits us all. 

Visit to learn more about the Culture of Health in Nursing. 


Join the Directors of Public Health Nursing

There are multiple opportunities to join the Director's of Public Health Nursing based on your role in your Local Health Jurisdiction (LHJ) or your level of interest in Public Health Nursing. 

Members in DPHN include the Directors of Public Health Nursing or designated professional who fulfills the requirements under Title 17- Director of Public Health Nursing. This individual represents the interests of Public Health Nursing in a local health jurisdiction (LHJ). 

Associate membership in the DPHN organization is open to individuals who are interested in supporting the goals of the organization, such as public health nurses, nurse educators, and retired Public Health Nursing Directors.

There are six categories of associate membership, please see our bylaws for the specifications of each role:

1. Assistant / Deputy Director of Public Health Nursing

2. Retired Director of Public Health Nursing

3. Academic Faculty or Nurse Educator

4. Public Health Nurse (PHN) or Registered Nurse (RN) – active or retired

5. Student Nurse

6. Non-Nurse - A professional who supports DPHN practice and goals

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 Membership Category Annual Dues Amount
Retired Nurse  $50
 Associate (Nurse Student, PHN, Non-Nurse, Academic Faculty or Nurse Educator)  $100
 Deputy DPHN  $125
 City/County - Population up to 50,000  $500
 City/County - Population 50,001-100,000   $600
City/County - Population 100,001 - 500,000  $700
City/County - Population 500,001 - 1 million   $800

 City/County - Population Greater than 1 million


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